Sadhana (community college)

The community college was started in 1998, as part of CCD’s Local Health Tradition Revitalization program. The residential college offered Siddha and Ayurveda courses for children of traditional health practitioners. The practicing Vaidhyars who visited the college to give training to the students, produced some of the traditional medicines in the Medicines Preparation Unit of the college to dispense from a pharmacy set up in the Sevayoor campus itself. Now, the naattuvaidhya pharmacy caters to the needs of patients from the surrounding villages. The medicines are produced only on request by the residing Vaidhya of Sevayoor, and are not branded and sold in the open market for profit. The production unit of the pharmacy is also made use of by the neighborhood community. Naattu Vaidhyam training is offered to those few who stay on at the campus to study.

Sevayoor Regional Resource Center

Sevayoor is the hub of all the medicinal plants conservation and education activities, besides revitalization and re-validation of local health practices and tradition, being the exquisite conservation park of the flora of Virudhunagar district. The campus is the laboratory for all research, studies and experiments in the area of medicinal plants. For the CCD team’s innovative endeavours to garner increased community participation, ownership and responsibility in their resources. Consequently, it is inevitably developing as the resource centre for the region, housing all the facilities, expertise, knowledge that is required to understand the neighbourhood as well as make a livelihood in the region. Similar regional resource centres are also being set up at Natham and Nagapattinam, which function as Community Conservation Centres (CCC) as well, owned and managed by the local communities, facilitated by CCD.

CEP (conservation education program)

Starting as a guide to conservation education from its own campus, CCD evolved to give several customized conservation education, training and education packages to different people and work groups, besides organizing conservation and awareness activities. Training programs for schools, educational institutions and others like NGO staff, teachers, housewives etc., have been developed. Biodiversity contests, camps for school / college students, exhibitions, fests and other outreach programs are also conducted as part of the Conservation Education Program. During these programs, mass planting by children and students are always conducted. A Conservation Education Manual has also been prepared as a guide for teachers to impart the same as part of their curriculum in schools. Over the years, the Sevayoor conservation park has been developed as a platform and medium of conservation education par excellence.